Marlon Pragnell PhD

American Diabetes Association

Marlon Pragnell PhD is Vice President of Research & Science at the American Diabetes Association where he oversees ADA’s research programs and annual Scientific Sessions meeting. Dr. Pragnell is an international leader in diabetes research and has overseen efforts focused on diabetes complications and glucose control worldwide. Dr. Pragnell has also overseen initiatives aimed at preserving kidney function and vision, and efforts in improving glucose control through more effective drug and device-based therapies. He also served on the Artificial Pancreas Project, which he managed prior to the successful commercialization of the first closed-loop system in 2016. Dr. Pragnell brings extensive biotech experience. As Principal Scientist in Renal and Metabolic Diseases at Genzyme, he focused on the bone-kidney axis and managed company-sponsored research collaborations in the United States and internationally to complement in-house research and development. Dr. Pragnell received his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa and postdoctoral training at Columbia University.